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Reliable, quiet, high-speed, and in light weight are the pre-requisite requirements of the Transfer Case Chain of a four-wheel drive. Globally, only a few chain companies can provide such chains.

During the past few years, Hengjiu have close cooperation with renowned domestic auto makers in successfully developed a series of transfer case chains with high torque, long center distance, high speed and light weight, and attained multiple technology patents.

Hengjiu Group's off-road vehicle transfer case chain is made of high-grade high-quality alloy steel materials. The chain plate is formed by precision extrusion process and isothermal quenching process to obtain high degree of hardness, strength and impact toughness. The surface of the pin is super-hardened and has good anti-wear performance. According to the chain meshing theory calculation and repeated verification, the formed chain plate teeth and sprocket achieve perfect meshing, which not only reflects solid and reliable, suitable for long-term high-speed operation, but also superior performance in terms of light weight and low noise.

In addition, for conditions that require extremely high wear performance, Hengjiu Group have an innovative design of a double pin (2-Pin) structured toothed chain. The relative rotation between the links is determined by the pin and the chain plate. The sliding friction structure between the pins is converted into the rolling friction between the pins, and its anti-wear performance is several times that of the traditional single pin structure toothed.

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