Part number & Spec of Hengjiu timing chain, oil pump chain for forklift, transfer case chain

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Selbstschmierende Ketten
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Ketten Maschinenpark
Kettenmontage -und Vorreckmaschine (für Teilungen von 6.35mm bis 15.875 mm)
Wickelmaschine für Buchsen (für Teilungen von 6.35mm bis 19.05 mm)
Bolzen-Maschine (für Teilungen von 6.35mm bis 19.05 mm)
Automatische Hochgeschwindigkeits-Produktionslinie der dritten Generation für Ketten
Anschluss-Montagemaschine zum Maschine zur Montage von ein- und mehrreihigen Ketten von Ketten
Maschine zum Rollen von Buchsen (für Teilungen von 6.35mm bis 38.10 mm)
Bolzenmaschine (für Teilungen von 6.35mm bis 38.10 mm)
Roll -und Nietmaschine für Ketten (für Teilungen von 6.35mm bis 38.10 mm)
Viereckige Nietmaschine für Ketten
Einlauf- und Vorreckanlage(statische Zugmaschine)
Rohrbündelungsmaschine für Rundteile
Laschenbündelungsmaschine mit Schwingarm
Laschenbündelungsmaschine mit Vibrationstopf
sechseckiges Schleudergefäß zum Trocknen
Gerät zur Messung der Kettenlänge unter Vorspannung
Instrument zur Messung der Kettenlaenge
Heat Treatment Machinery
MY3060 Hydraulische Horizontale Flachschleifmaschine
WA / A Digital Electro-Hydraulic Universal-Prüfmaschine
Small-Size Super-Rockwell Härteprüfgerät
Elektrische Rockwell Härteprüfgerät

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Hauptseite « Nachrichten « Fortissimo from the Folk Lift OEM market : Shou Fei Feng, the Chairman of Zhejiang Hengjiu Machinery Group

Fortissimo from the Folk Lift OEM market : Shou Fei Feng, the Chairman of Zhejiang Hengjiu Machinery Group

With the great trust from many main engine plants, the sales of forklift chains from Hengjiu Group increased by 69.5% in the first quarter of 2017(to March 22th).

Hengjiu Machinery Group was established in 1953.Now it has seven branch factories in Zhuji(Zhejiang province),JiXi(Anhui province),Shangrao(Jiangxi province) and Kunshan(Jiangsu province),among them has five chains factories. Based on the professional skills and rich experience in the chains and chains equipment, Hengjiu group achieved a breakthrough in the technical innovation and market development of the forklift chain in 2016.

In 2016,the automatic production line and inspection line of forklift chain with independent intellectual property rights has been put into operation, so that our company’s products quality, delivery speed and manufacturing capacity had been greatly improved. In addition, according to the requirement from main engine plants, in 2016,our company developed a new kind of chain with high corrosion resistance, this chain has special end joint, and increased the average breaking load for 3 ton and 3.5-4.5 ton forklift chain, up to 109KN and 159KN each, respectively 29% and 23% higher than ISO606 standard. Hengjiu group has been awarded the honorary title of “China industrial vehicles branch-excellent matching products supplier” for the second time in a row.

Hengjiu chain is willing to follow the development of the main engine plants , and to help them to achieve greater success.

2017-06-27 09:10:58